Investment Strategy

Our strategy is centered on investing in the
rapidly-growing and evolving cHealth market
segment, and then combining and/or integrating
these investments to leverage their technologies,
business models, networks, and channels to create
comprehensive healthcare solutions.

37celsius will seek to invest capital and knowledge
into small but promising healthcare device, services,
data, and software companies (“cHealth co’s”)
which have proven capabilities in reducing cost, and
improving access to and quality of healthcare.

To successfully deliver value in our partnership we
have created a supporting platform dedicated to our
portfolio to assist in realizing incremental growth
and clinical benefits.

Our support includes:

  • Integrate capabilities across segments
  • Guide commercial process and value proposition
  • Identify new revenue streams and markets
  • Assist in partnership and provider development
  • Key functional support

Connected Health Market

Our firm focuses on Connected Health, a significant
market at +$7B and growing +50% per annum,
which serves the needs and presents opportunities
for Providers, Payors, Pharma, and Medtech.

Connected Health is a model for healthcare
management, which includes monitoring, delivery,
and therapy, which utilizes digital technology, data,
and services to provide and manage healthcare
remotely. It covers a broad range of services that
increase access and quality of care at a fraction of
the cost, enabling the entire healthcare ecosystem
of strategic stakeholders, such as providers, payors,
pharma, and patients to engage and better-manage
their health

Connected Health: Sub-segments

  • Remote patient monitoring and diagnosis
  • Patient engagement and medication adherence
  • Remote data, AI, and IT platform services
  • Disease management and care coordination
  • Telemedicine, telehealth, and telecare
  • Clinical workflow and process re-engineering

Investment Profile

37celsius is targeting companies in the Connected
Health market with a proven and valuable capability,
who is looking for additional growth and who values
a strategic partner.

We believe together and with the partnerships we
have in our portfolio and our networks, we can
deliver solutions which will drive scale and have a
relevant impact to patient care.

We think our future partners will have a profile
which fits and is not limited to a number of factors
identified as Connected Health criteria.