37celsius Capital Partners, LLC (37celsius) has been established as an investment firm focused on making equity investments into product and service companies that offer market-proven Connected Health (cHealth) solutions.

37celsius is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was founded by former executives of GE Healthcare (GEHC) and experienced private equity professionals whose industry expertise, experience, and network will enable the firm to capitalize on the compelling market fundamentals that exist in today’s cHealth market.

The firm’s core team realized that the current healthcare market would undergo a major evolution to control cost, increase access, and improve quality. cHealth is the emerging paradigm that is becoming recognized as the solution to many of these challenges. While working in the industry, the principals recognized that many current providers of cHealth capabilities do not have the knowledge, experience, contacts, or capital to properly exploit these opportunities in full. They also came to understand that the big health industry players have fundamental challenges that they need to solve before they can fully engage in the cHealth market.

Against this backdrop, 37celsius was founded with the purpose to capitalize on the cHealth paradigm shift and invest in select cHealth businesses, and then utilize its team’s experience and network to build the “future” healthcare companies.