Alexander and 37celsius were featured in the Swedish publication Veckans Affärer. From the article (translated to English):

After 20 years at General Electric, Alexander left the conglomerate in order to develop future medical technology companies. Together with two partners in the United States, a plan to raise 300 million and a strategy to accelerate value creation, the fund 37 Celsius will become majority owner in a 8-10 small and medium-sized companies in the so-called connected health space using the latest digital technology to deliver personalized care remotely.


“The technology is already here. Now there is the possibility to detect irregular heart rhythm by measuring the patient’s ECG in the home with the help of a developed smart mobile at a fraction of the cost of traditional devices, “explained Mr Kempe.


In a large study in England observed 3 200 chronically ill patients in their own homes with the help of digital technology. Results: hospital stays fell by 20 per cent and mortality by 45 percent.


“Today’s connected health market is full of small innovative companies who each solve part of the big problems in health care. However, the market is fragmented and in need of consolidation in order to develop more complete solutions “, says Alexander K.


“With the help of the latest technology, our target is to offer more efficient, more accessible and more personalized healthcare solutions at a lower cost.”

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